Green Light Wireless Wi-Fi HotSpots can be found at retailers such as coffee shops, restaurants, laundromats, bars and co-working office spaces; as well as residential facilities such as off-campus apartment buildings, condominiums, bed & breakfasts and hotels.

Retail HotSpots

Every one of our Wi-Fi HotSpots offers a safe, reliable, secure and high speed connection to the Internet with a user experience tailored to your expectations. We manage each of our Wi-Fi HotSpots so that bandwidth is shared evenly between all HotSpot guests, viruses can't be delivered between computers and your personal data can't be accessed by other HotSpot guests.


Residential HotSpots

Everyone living in a multi-unit residence can benefit from Green Light Wireless Residential Wi-Fi! Our Residential HotSpots are outfitted with a building-wide Wi-Fi network that allows you to connect wirelessly. There is no additional equipment to buy or rent and no need for a service call by a technician. Our Residential Wi-Fi networks are carrier grade and are monitored and managed 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.