Clear is terminating service with all of it's Internet customers

If you have Clear Internet service, you don't have much more time! Give us a call now to setup your new broadband service on our network.

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Network Expansion: COMPLETE


Schedule your installation now to ensure you're one of the first users on our new network.

We'll make this brief because we're very busy over here, getting our newest broadband tower loaded up with new customers. The bottom line is: we're ready for you! We've spent the better part of the last year making preparations to expand our coverage area and it's time to let subscribers onto the new tower.

Call now to discuss our broadband packages and schedule your installation. We've had a ton of interest and we don't want you to have to wait to get online, so call now and get on our calendar today.


Neighborhoods served by our newest tower include:

  • Lawrenceville
  • Bloomfield
  • Spring Hill
  • Troy Hill
  • Morning Side
  • Garfield
  • Downtown
  • The Strip District
  • The South Side - Flats and Slopes
  • The North Side
  • The Mexican War Streets
  • Oakland
  • Mt. Washington
  • Polish Hill